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-miilion dollar lending assistance program is coming o baltimore. it's part of the weels fargo settlementt and designed to help those who want to buy or renovate homes, and live in &pthe city. city. joel d. smith is more on that program and another that's already orking to bring more residents into the city. good morning joel d. 3 3 ford is recalling thousands of 20-13 escape s-u-v's due to a potential problem affeeting brake pedals.the automaker says misposittoned carpet padding coull prevent drivers the accelerator to the bbake pedal.ford will fix the problem free of charge. morning for metro commuters into d-c.that's afterra &psoftware program for tracking trains crashed twice over the weekend. hundreds of passengers were stranded and dozens offtrains idled for up to a half hour in two incidents early yeeterday and satuuday afternoon due to the glitch. one man is probably thanking his lucky stars this mmrning after he narrowly esccpes this caught on cameea moment. ((nats of crashh) crash)) the man waa pumping ggs at a station in russia when a truck crosses in front of a
here in baltimore... and today's other top stories.good morning, tom. the 60-million dollar fine against penn state will be used to fund child sexual abuse programs across the count. country.while it's not clear exactly how that money will be divided up... the baltimore abuse center center... believes it will have a big impact nationwide.including right here at their center. more then one-thousand victims pass through their doors every month and advocates say more training programs are essential. (adam rosenberg-balt child abuse center)"most of us are non profits.. it would be a game changer for anyone of these child advocacy centers that our govt institutions dont provide us with enough funds to be sustainable." sustainable."statistics show one in four girls... and one in six boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. in 90-percent of the cases... the offender is someone the child knows and trusts. 3 we got our first look at the man accused in the colorado's massacre at a movie theater monday... this, as new details are released about the explosives found in his apartmen
county... baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... howard county... as frustration levels rise... baltimore city is reminding those affected... there ii there.megan gilliland is here with more the ressurces... good morning guys, we went . around the city yesterday... have a-c... who don't have water.on cold spring lane... theyyre sweating out there. there.angela: 3.41 "girl, i had sweat stains on my bra..it was that hot." hot."but just down the take a look.a shelter at the baltimore unior academy... filled with food... waterrand a-c... empty... not one person baltimore: 10.44 "nobodyywas there!? that's strange." angela: 5.08 "a lot of people are afraid to leaae their &phomes."pam carter, city of baltimore housing: 27.05 it's &pbeen a slow day." shelter we found yesterday. y 3 there was another one on east federal street. there's also a location in east baltimore and one in eet baltimore.these shelters are open to everyone... and are available today.spread the word if you know someone who needd a little help.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morniig news. &ponn of the hardest
... the very latest on the wicked weather. you're watching fox good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) 3 another rouud of storms wreaks surrounding areas. areas. the sudden rush of rain causes flooding... leaving for some dangerous conditions this morning. 3 we have team coverage this morning... megan gilliland is live in fells point... with a look at 3 trouble spots you may come across on your way to . work.joel d. smith is live at artscape ... where storms cause damage to some of the exhibits.let's start with megan... good morning, megan. megan. 3 many people are waking up without power this morning... a majority of the outages are in baltimore city. city.here's a look at the latest numbers... total- anne arundel-baltimore city- baltimore county- the damaging weather comes as more than 300 thousand people are preparing to attend artscape in the city. city. joel d. smith is live on the charles street bridge to see how the exhibits and tents survived the storm. good morning joel d. america's largest free arts festival, attracting 350,000+ attendees over three days. artscape features 1
delaware and the baltimore area is the leading edge of this cold front which would bring in more comfortable air for the day tomorrow. we will keep an eye on the leftovers and check out the better looking forecast for tomorrow coming up. >> you can track storms and where you are on our new applications. you can see are severe weather alerts on north on and on mine. we've got you covered. four days after the mass shootings, prosecutors are beginning to piece together and just who is james holmes. >> a key part of the investigation are the things they found in his apartment. >> it was rigged with 30 homemade grenade than 10 gallons of gas and it was all carefully orchestrated to maximize and strengthen the size of a potential last. more stories of lives saved by acts of bravery after the shooting began. j. gray has the story. >> good evening. evidence going back to the crime scene and the victim's apartment here. police searching for evidence while the community is trying to find some kind of comfort. what they were back at the theater and the suspect's apartment. investigators con
into the pool on the first day of competition. baltimore police team up with residents on a day of hope, hoping to build trust and a strong relationships. and it is a hot weekend forecast with the potential of thunderstorms. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> did evening, everyone. warninge weather storm i is in effect. >> in a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. most of the action is south of baltimore. baltimore city and elsewhere, there is not a whole lot going on, but there are some pretty strong thunderstorms going to annapolis for now. in severe thunderstorm warning is going on until 6:30 p.m. this evening. in annapolis, you could see wind gusts of 50 m.p.h. time will show you the storms of the northwest. the blind is coming through -- bat line is coming through this evening. the weather could get a little bumpy over the next three hours to four hours. again, a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 10:00 p.m. >> the summer olympics are under way in london and one
thousand customeessin baltimore city rrmain without ppwer onnght.the cityyhas opennd emergency shelters with air conddtioning and beds paul gessser is live at a shelter in nnrthwest baltiiore, which is still waitiig on its first gueet. only a few people pave walked through these ddors at the baltimore junior academy on west coldspring lane.those people have come in to take a load off, grab a free drink of water.nobody stayed here lastnight-- the first niggt his shelttr was was pen i just got bbck from theeother emergency shelter in the 1400 block of east federal street. those cots haven't even been set up yet.they're still in the boxes-- because, no one came in there oo shelter either.all the while, people here in the neighborhood feel the city was not prepared for this kind of storm. 3 3&"they need to have people set up so they can puutthem in all the different aaeaa nd help out everyyody. help everybbdy out. we've been out evee sincc " frrday.""it's been a slow day and that may be a littleegoodd because i think family members are all really pitching in now good bbcause i
themed soogs.this is katy perry's "firework." welcome to foxx5 good day baltimore. baltimore.good day welcome to fox45 "firework."themee songss favorite july 4th themed songs. this is katy perry's "firework."welcome to fox45 "firework."welcooe to fox45 &pgood day - wednesday july 4th! 3 about a 100-thousand people are still without power, this m. morninggb-g-e crews re still working tt restore it afterr friday's powerful stormm... but the good news is.. more than 85 peecent of people have had their power resttredd restored.tom rodgers ii here now... with he most up-to- date numbers... and more of here's a look at the latest num. numbers.according to b-g-e's website.... otal...anne &parundel county...baltimore city... baltimore county... parroll county... howard county... while some residents here in the city are getting a little frustrated...there are resources available... that just aren't being used. used.take a look at this picture weecaptured.... not emergency shelter at the baltimore junior academm... on cold spring lane.theyyve got fooo, water and ac...waiting to be used.it'
, but is it because of taxes? >> good evening. of baltimore city firefighter is in jail tonight, charged with running a prostitution ring of a southwest baltimore row house. >> kai reed is live downtown with this story tonight. >> the firefighter was charged in a separate prostitution case to years ago but kept his job, but now he and coit are in trouble again. amar simmons has been a baltimore firefighter since 2002 but prosecutors say he has also been working in the prostitution business, too. >> we found handguns, a small amount of marijuana, and various letters and documents that would suggest that an online prostitution and human trafficking operation was being conducted from the location. >> detectives had been investigating simmons and kuwait since last year. -- simmons and coit. an informant told them they had a three-six girls working for them as prostitutes at any given time, either at the warehouse are at several hotels in the baltimore area. this is not the first time they have been in trouble with the law. both were arrested after arranging a prostitution meade up two years ago. they wer
3 we have school cllsings to tell you about this morning. ásomeá summer programs in baltimore city.. ballimore county... are canceled. canceled.we haae posted a link schools on our website foxbaltimore dot com slash morniig.in anne arunddl and programs are canceled. thh governor tweeted that phere is liberal leave for all non-essential state employees 3 3 mapfiber belairmap 3 the recovery continues.... affee frrday's deadly storms. today without power... and up - unsure how mucc longer they'll havv to wait. the latest numbers....and the effect thhs storm is having on our area.good morniig, tom. 3good morning, megan and patriie.. friday'' massive storms still have more than a quarter of a million b-g-e customers without power. power.here's a look at the latest numbers.accorddng too b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county... baltimore city... bbltimore county... carroll county... howard county... harffrd county... joel d. smith is streaming now in northeast baltimore with the atest on the cleanuu and how much longgr so many will be in the dark and in the heat. &pgood
hat cooler air also means more storms here in baltimore. as a result... this morning there are juss áunderá 5- thousand people waking up baltimore city and county. joel d. smith is live in towson where they're waking p pn the dark again as the next round of storms come in. good morning joel d. 3& patrice, right now, thereeare a handful of newwoutagee to report: bge now says 2 hundred customers aar withoutt power... mostly in the towwon area... that's rough,, bbt nothing compared to the 3/4 of a million knockkd out a week and a half ago, including hhre on cedarcroft road. itttook workers frrm all over the country, and canada, working around the clock in done. the last custooer restored yesterdayyafternoon. the storm was historic in it's mmhem... trees fell on power linns, aad homes on this road. some of the folks we talked with headed to hotels for days, wwile their homes basically boiled. others tried to stick it out, sleeping in the basement....., but quuckly learned it's not just humans having a tough time with 80 or 90 degrees iidoors. 5122 we have two large d
to work, the department of public works, working on repairing a large part of a water main in baltimore. it is located at whistler and wilmarco avenues. officials flagged the main as a potential for failure after crews discovered a rift. the project should take about two weeks, and some residents in baltimore city, anne arundel, and howard county may notice a slight decrease in water pressure. officials are urging residents to conserve water as much as possible during those repairs. >> it will be hot for those men and women working on that water main today. the heat back on. hd doppler is showing high clouds through harford county, northern baltimore county, down to montgomery county and bc we are talking about as hot temperatures. i am afraid to use the triple digits, but by wednesday, we could see those. 89 at the airport. humidity is not too bad right now. it will build over the next couple of days. it will end, i promise. i will talk about it in the insta-weather-plus forecast. >> a man is shot and killed in home invasion in baltimore city, and two others are heard. it happened on a
. latest numbers.according to b-g-e's weesite... tooal... anne arundel total...anne city... baltimore county... carroll county... howard county... b-g-e's progress has been impressive by sheer for anyone waiting in the w - dark. joel d. smithhis live in glen burnie... to explain how far b-g-e is reaching out for predicting power to beeback for everyone. good creww have come from as far - utility crews have ((ad lib))) 33 3 3 payor stephanie awlings-blake more shelters for people without power. power.meantime, governnr o'malley says progress iss slowly being made since thh storms hit.he's been keeping watch from the operation center at the maryland emergency management agency. agency.megan gillilann is streaming now from mema wwth the latest on the recovery effo. efforts.good morning guys,ad lib... 333 the heat wave is being blamed &pfor at least 3 deaths in maryland.aacording to "mema's" website... the victims include &pall men... one from montgomery county... and one from mico - baltimmre city.health ooficials remiid residents that humid conditioos an lead to heatstroke
. we begin with chief of interpretation at ft. mchenry in baltimore. he recently joined us to talk about the fort bombardment and the creation of the star spangled banner. this is about 30 minutes. you are looking at the arrival of tall ships at baltimore's fort mchenry. welcome to american history tv on cspan3 where we'll be live until 2:00 p.m. eastern today, taking your calls and talking with historians about this little-known war. we'll go live to ft. mchenry now, the home of the star spangled banner. we are joined by vince vaise. chief of interpretation at ft. mchenry thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> before we get into our conversation with you we want to invite our viewers by phone. it's easy to do that in the you're in the eastern or central time zone. that number is 202-737-0002. make sure you mute your television when you call in and we will get to your calls in a moment. when visitors come to mt. mchenry, what is the reason you tell them the war of 1812 is significant in american history? >> this is really the war that defined us as a people and rea
spangled banner." this is about 30 minutes. you are looking at the arrival of tall ships at baltimore's fort mchenry. welcome to american history tv on cspan3 where we'll be live today. we are joined by vince vaise. before we get into our conversation with you we want to invite our viewers by phone. the number -- make sure you mute your calls when you call in. >> this made the flag the symbol of the american people that it is today. yes, the american flag had already been invented, but it was really during the war of 1812 in which the american flag won international respect through the words of francis scott key and the successful defense of this fort during the war of 1812 from the british and also some of the great naval battles of the war of 1812, like the american ships, like "old ironsides," the "constitution." >> you are dressed in full battle or full formal regalia at ft. mchenry. why don't you tell us a bit about the uniform you're wearing and where exactly in the fort you're standing. >> sure. this uniform is the uniform of an artillery major from the war of 1812, and i heard
neighbors helped bring vi ripken to safety. safety.more trouble with aging . infrastructure." baltimore city streets, all of them are messed up!" up!"the big mess created by a large sinkhole. milder weather coming to an end.how high temperatures will soar tomorrow and a look ahead to the weekend in my skywatch f. forecast. and taking on-line dating to a new level. level.3239 dc sugar daddies have specific characteristics characteristics the matching making service that attracting quite a following. 3 "ripken homers in his fiial all star game"áánats of hitáá cal ripken... baltimore's baseball legend.his mother...áká ákidnappedá10:23:54 it was a bad 24 hours for everydoby... everydoby...tonight... a minute by minute look at what happened......the search for the suspect......and what that man might have been after. hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. gilbert.fox45 news has been following this story since police first issued a missing person's report early today. but... tonight, /// crime... and... explains... how... vy ripken... ripken... was missing... 1
coming up. >>> top story this evening, baltimore city's fire chief will get a waive and contract extension. this has drawn sharp criticism from firefighters and union leaders. christian schaffer is in downtown baltimore where the reaction was less than receptive. >> reporter: chief james clack of the fire department makes $161,000 already, today the board of estimates extended the contract through the year 2018 with raises of $3000 each year at the end of the contract, for the making, $190,000 a year. this is drawn fire of course because of all the talk of the past several weeks and months over the closure of three fire companies in baltimore city, truck 15, east baltimore, truck 10 west baltimore, squad 11 southeast baltimore. the heads of both of the union that represent firefighters and fire office testified here against the raise saying the members haven't gotten raises and the chief shouldn't either. the firefighters rejected a raise that was proposed to them during the negotiations, their response to that was, sure you are you were going to give us a raise but going to incr
make you some extra cash. they're so sure... they've started a baltimore-based company called parking panda. their business plan involves renting out people's driveways...and giving discounts on parking lots. ((miller: "our goal is to be the go to place online for parking like you said how opentable is for dinner reservations or ticketmaster is for concert tickets just like youre booking all those things in advance and they are the go to spot - we want to do the same thing for parking. the company thing for parking. the company estimates you can get around 12-hundred dollars a year for renting your driveway. so far there are over 25-hundred spots avaiiable in baltimore and dc. a beautiful sight in virginia wednesday... during the annual pony swim. swim.nearly 140 ponies moved through the water during the 87th annual pony swim .tens of thousands of spectators from around the world gathered to watch the annual tradition. the chincoteague pony swim was made famous by marguerite henry's "misty of chincoteague". if you want to see the swim in person... there's still time... the ponies
reported four years ago. the city of baltimore is getting hundreds of millions of dollars from wells fargo bank to settle claims that the company had been engaging in discriminatory lending practices. kai reed is live outside city hall. we hear this is the second- largest beer lending settlement in the department's history. >> that is correct. the lawsuit first filed by the city of baltimore back in 2008 alleged that wells fargo steered minority home buyers into subprime loans simply because of the color of their skin. a settlement agreement has been made that includes a payout of $175 million in several metropolitan areas. 34,000 victims were identified and the lawsuits nationwide. the 1000 from the baltimore area will receive a total of $2.50 million in restitution. wells fargo will also provide four 0.5 borrows million to this city for lending assistance program -- $4.5 million to the city for lending assistance programs. the celebrated the victory this afternoon at city hall. >> today, it is not about the past. puts aside our legal challenges allows us to move forward palaver tillery o
inches of rain. baltimore county, baltimore city under a flash flood warnings, carroll county, same thing, anne arundel county. the maryland state police say westbound route 40 is closed between malcolm drive and market street. if you're doing a late night driving, keep that in mind. the rain is being picked up around dunellen and essex. we should get some video from the fells point area. another batch of heavy rain. dangerous lightning with the storms as well. it is not necessarily severe. the guests have been below 50 miles per hour. you can get a gust of 40 with all that rain. it can knock over trees and power lines. the back edges coming into frederick county. it will take another two hours for this to clear out. the heaviest precipitation in baltimore county in baltimore city. we will update the radar and inspect the seven-day going through weekend. >> tonight's batch of storms has been causing major headaches over the viewing area. we have a check on how people have been ferrying trade your have been running around all night. >> we were getting ready to go live and do a live report
state alumni presence in the baltimore area. reaction is split as to the fairness the university -- as to the price the university will pay. >> that is the debate swirling around the n.c.a.a. decision. will the n.c.a.a. sanctions magnified the damage done to penn state's reputation or help discordia itself? >> the name is ruined. >> he says he is considering transferring because he thinks the action will overshadow the penn state degree. >> the name israel and. -- the name is ruined. they will think of what it has become. >> steadfast alumni bad to differ. he is the president of the penn state alumni chapter of baltimore. the chapter does not have an official response, but personally, he believes the n.c.a.a. rushed to judgment. >> i think they acted prematurely and heavy-handed. >> i do not think there is any dollar amount that could appropriately on to what has been not done by penn state over those years. it is a drop in the bucket. >> the money has the potential to do a tremendous amount of good by purchasing high-tech video equipment, like to see in this internet -- intervie
. we still do not know the particulars of what the incident was about. baltimore city police have shut down both north and southbound between belvedere. but we will update you as we get more information. >> in addition to the penn state story, james holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others, faced a judge for the first time today. the initial hearing was held this morning. it give us the first public glimpse of the suspect since his alleges that murderous rampage. we have more from arapahoe county, colorado. >> good evening. it was a packed house. five family members of victims as they've got the first glimpse of the man responsible for changing their lives and community forever. >> these are the first public images of james homes since the attack, the picture of the evil for so many watching including family members of the victims. >> he looked demonic or something. >> the 24-year-old is accused of plotting for months before carrying out a murderous rampage. his hair was dyed bright fitting descriptions just after the massacre when he told police he was the j
d. smith is live at ooe of the cooling centers in baltimore with some ways to cope a little better in this awful heat. good morning joel d. how hot is it already? already? 3 3 3 3 a masssve watermain break &pdowntown is still causing problems this morning... and now it looks like repairs will take nearly a month. the water was gushing from the pavement near light and lombard streets just before rush hour n monday evening. now crews must reelace two aging pipelines... the oldest one was installed in 1889. it's estimated the work will take three weeks.in tte meantimm... the city was able to create a temporary above- ground pipeline to restore water service to nearby businesses. baltimore county police are investigating a deadly car accident this morning. morning.it happened just after 5 'clock in phoenix... on old ooe person died on the scene.. another was taken to the person's condition... or the cause of the crash right now. the government is investigating ford and mazda vehicles....after getting nearly 1-hundred reports of stuck gas pedals. pedals. the national highway traffic
deaths so far and officials don't want to see more. >> the heat-related deaths were in baltimore city and officials are warning themselves to take care of themselves and each other. >> these are very dangerous conditions. >> their warning people to be on the offensive. already, the medical examiner determined 23 people have died from heat so far this summer either directly or indirectly. >> it can be determined they had a heat stroke or something related where their core temperature got so high that they died of heat directly. there are other cases where we are not sure. they may have had an underlying medical condition. the cause of death may have been their medical condition but it may have been worsened by the heat. >> temperatures on wednesday surpassed 100 degrees with heat index soaring even higher. health officials warn people to stay inside when possible and if you have to be outside, stay in the shade and drink plenty of water. >> i get a cup of water every 5 minutes. >> adults are staying cool by grabbing a snow cone or fresh squeezed lemonade. owners know when the temperatu
renewed effort to track down a killer and arsonist. rob roblin is live in northeast baltimore where loved ones want answers tonight. >> family members and police are still looking for a lot of answers in this are some homicide that happened here at this home almost one year ago. police burst of the fire here killed the three people who were found inside. they had been shot in the head. the homicide-arson happened back in 2011. >> one year later, the case remains unsolved. members of the family are asking people in the community to help in solving this case. detectives have exhausted every shred of evidence, and basically come up with no results. we asked for the public's help, anyone with information to give us a call. >> family members of the victims were in the neighborhood asking anyone who knows anything about the crime to come forward. >> if anyone has any information, please give us a call. we have been going through this for almost one year. >> we are really struggling to deal with the pain and hurt. i don't care who you are. just say something. >> police were in the neighborhood h
our area.in programs have been relocated. in baltimore county... ight schools are closeddtoday. today.for a list of affected sccools.. go to foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. 3 3 the dangerous temperatures are the dangerouss 3 the dangeeous temperatures are ppompting state health officials to issue heat advisories for all of maryland. tom rodgers is here with more on what you can do to stay safe... ppus your other op stories. we're talkinn about anothee triple digit day. at his point... it's not justt hot... it'' dangerous outside. outside.here in the city... code red heat alert ttrough sunday... that means 1- cooling ccnters will remain opee alllweekend... inside you can cool down in the air conditioning and grab some free wattr. 2:08 i'veebeee coming hre since it's been hot 11313 cause i am a diabbtic i have high bbood pressure and as you can see i have a water 20 20if you're oo staying hydrated... heat exhaustion or heat stroke can result.here are the symptoms you need to look out for... heavy pwweting, muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea and headdches.if yyu're feeling any of
of man who was fatally shot during a robbery in west baltimore. dozens turned out for a candle light vigil in front of the old walbrook high school where 23-year-old brandon spruill attended. spruill was shot in the back of the head monday...after being ordered to get down on his knees during a robbery near mckean avenue and presstman street. spruill had a love for playing basketball. turns out... the... health care worker ... accused ...of... exposing... dozens of patients ... to... hepatitis- c.../ .also... worked at... baltimore's... v-a... medical center...//. jeff abell... says... , the... hospital's... struggling... to... determine... if... anyone was infected. infected. the v-a medical center confirms, that in 2008, david kwiatkowski worked at the baltimore facility for six months.... its the latest in a growing list of hospitals that are now dealing with the fallout... fallout... 3 its not clear how many baltimore patients david kwiatkowski came in contact with....but across the country, the list of hospitals where he worked continues to grow..
applauded in baltimore. baltimore.megan gilliland is here with more on who the money may help here. good morning guys,more then one-thousand victims pass through the baltimore... child abuse center... each and every month.the non profit agency needs all the help it can get... and they just might get it. while the n-c-a-a has earmarked penn state's fine to be spent on programs for victims... it's not clear exactly how that money will be divided up.but at the baltimore center... they believe that money will have a big impact nationwide. (adam rosenberg-balt child abuse center)"most of us are non profits.. it would be a game changer for anyone of these child advocacy centers that our govt institutions dont provide us with enough funds to be sustainable." sustainable."there's no questions that sexual child abuse is a crisis.statistics show one in four girls... and one in six boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. advocates say more training programs are essential. and believe the extra funding could to that and so much more. find out what the baltimore center hopes to do if the
the baltimore area, but have to wait longer because of the potential for more activity to develop across this stall or slow-moving front. it will slow us down considerably, but we have watches in effect until 9:00 tonight. the entire region under thunderstorm watch and the d.c. area in northern virginia pushing into northern county and south eastern howard and that's until 6:00 this evening with that system moving across that region. heavy downpours in those particular areas. bernadette? >> it is pretty incredible now with the thunderstorms coming through, we have cooled down to 90 degrees in baltimore. 75 in hagerstown. what a drop that is, but out ahead of the line it's incrediblely hot and muggy. the dew point makes it feel like 94 in baltimore, 106 in pacific. this is where we topped out today. so far, we've seen 102 degrees on our records here, but we'll have to wait for the official report from the national weather service to see if we broke that. the record was set back in 1887 and heat index at 107 degrees and that's factoring in to some of the thunderstorms coming through. we'll
" over" the impact it will have in downtown baltimore tomorrow. tomorrow. the heat and humidity has returned.and its going to get worse. when we could see some relief in my skywatch forecast. a comment from the presiden. president."if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that h" happen." how it's touched off the latest campaign controversy 3 and cuddling for cash. samuel says: "this is not about sex. i'm really straightforward about that." that." the woman who has started a snuggling business and why she's still keeping her day job. hello... im jeff barnd... jennifer gilbert's off tonight.../ a... water main break... downtown... snarls... traffic..../ with... rush hour motorists... caught ...in the middle... of.,.. it all.../. tonight..../ transportation officials... say... expect... the same headache... during... your drive.... tomorrow morn. daniels, ... streaming live... near the inner harbor, .../ where... crews are busy... tonight... with repairs.. keith. ///////////////////keith///////
was suspicious and called baltimore police and got the serial number. >> police would find her tied up in the car. he said ripken waving a white towel or sweater being waived outside the window. >> i stop and roll down my window and asked the lady inside if she needed help. she informed me she was left there at her feet were bound. >> snyder told her to wait and got police, who freed her. the family has released the following statement. "our mother was abducted at gunpoint from her home yesterday morning. this has been a trying time for family and we're grateful and relieved our mom is back with us safe and healthy. we want to thank everyone for their tremendous support, especially the law enforcement agencies that worked so hard and quickly. this is an ongoing investigation so everyone understands we cannot comment at this time. thank you." we also heard from folks over at the boys and girls club of hartford county. they passed along concerns because she was involved with that and organization -- with that organization. they are relieved she is doing well. >> thank you. a human skull was discove
. if you try to go from south to north baltimore, it is just packed and stacked. they're working diligently to try to figure out how they can get this figured out. reporting live in sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. klutzes special legislative session to expand gambling is better than rolling the dice according to governor o'malley who believes progress is being made. >> and david joins us live from the news room. >> this is a yet to be named gambling commission setting new tax breaks for gaming revenue. the senate president will be briefed at a breakfast meeting tomorrow. >> the are the low-cost special session are now better than a role of the dice. this grows from a consensus regarding a new proposal allowing to set a gambling tax rates. the seven sticking point for some house members. -- this has been a sticking point. >> this is better left to a commission to handle. they can come back and overturning it if it was never something so egregious. what they discussed it with stephanie rawlings blake who declined to speak to reporters. isaiah leggitt. >> let the gaming commission said the raid
services are being compromised. >> taking ladder truck 15 from its east baltimore location and putting squad 11 on reserve and reassigning that crew are part of a plan to close the budget gap and end the daily rotating closures of fire stations. everyone understands the challenge but not the fix. >> common sense will tell you, you want someone to get you. this is a matter of life or death. quex i'm not going to take this lying down. i will fight this until the end. the end is not yet. >> budget problems have forced layoffs in other cities. >> fire department is lang of their members and that is a big issue. >> the most important thing is to make sure people have a job. it does not feel good but that is where we are. >> the union president said he plans to meet with the mayor on friday and another fire company is expected to close in october. >> the defendants in the downtown beating of a tourist on st. patrick's day pleaded guilty to their role in the attack. parsons was the one who threw the punch that knocked out the victim. he was sentenced today for a year in prison and three years
weather. how hot it would feel coming up. >> a few issues to talk about across baltimore city. we'll detail that coming up. we'll take you outside coming up after the break. hi parents, big year for spelling. here's what the kids will n-e-e-d. ♪ pens and markers, paper wide ruled. ♪ ♪ hoodies, sneakers, tape, sticks of glue.♪ ♪ large boxes pencils, highlighters. ♪ ♪ sneakers and t-shirts. ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeeeeans, yeah! ♪ ♪ notebooks and jeans! announcer: school takes a lot, target has it all. >>> and we know when they start to get into if upper 630s and 70s we're going to start feeling it. we have a heat advisory to talk about so let me show you the yateses under the heat advisory that goes into effect at lunchtime today. basically every area in the orange color. that expires at 8:00 this evening but it could be reissued as we go into tomorrow because we still will be dealing with heat and humidity. temperatures this morning, we have 70 degrees -- [ no audio ] >> charlie, on to you. >>> who could kidnap cal rip
come. >> this is not the only water main and not even close. baltimore is not alone with this problem. >> a fiscal cliffhanger. we're hearing questions about whether the federal reserve will step in to help the economy grow. >> crank up the a.c. the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it will feel even hotter today? >> yesterday it was hot, we were at 100 degrees. today we figure in the humidity. i feel for the people that have to work outside. 85 right now downtown. that is not a good sign when we see those 80 degree temperatures first thing in the morning. very hot and more humid. heat index will make it feel like 105 degrees. we could see some thunderstorms this anafternoon. the atmosphere is unstable. >> good morning. let's check on a couple of accidents. we start in phoenix. closes remain
baltimore. after serving a warrant yesterday, police seized computers, guns, drugs, condoms, sexual aids, and the ledger's that showed the operation had been going on for quite some time. >> i do not have an exact figure. i have not seen the ledger's. what is being described by the detectives, this operation was definitely not in its infancy. >> both simmons and coit are facing prostitution, drug, and weapons charges. simmons has been suspended without pay. this is not the first time that simmons has been involved with prostitution charges. we will take a closer look at explain. -- and explain. >> breaking news right now out of baltimore county. if a promising young swarmer has been killed after a late night accident in louisville. police confirmed he died after losing control of his car and hitting a tree near high view drive. the accident happened before 10:30 p.m. last night. he was a member of the 2012 class and was an avid swimmer. part of the north baltimore aquatic club. no word on what caused the crash. we're working to learn more about a possible drowning late this afternoo
this area back to normal. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> a live look at our traffic camera near the bay bridge at sandy point. you take a look at how things are going right now and everything running smoothly. definitely not the case around 6:00 last night with some really strong storms blowing through the area. it had to be shut down in both directions because of the high winds. the traffic didn't move for hours yesterday because of the winds from that severe storm shutting down the bridge both directions. however that storm is to blame for two fires in anne arundel county. lightning strikes sparked both of them in townsville a firefighter fell through the floor while getting inside the home. >> it was a great surprise. you have to be very cautious about where you step because you don't know where the weak spots are and unluckily the floor slid him down. >> that fire was contained to the basement and crews also brought in -- managed to fight another fire in the arm area that was under cool pretty quickly. >>> all right, we've seen the damage from ligh
santa fe steak melts. subway. eat fresh. >>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and wjz.com, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> maryland goes dark. storms strike killing three and leaving massive damage behind. >> tonight, the clock is ticking on restoration efforts as the summer sizzles. >>> hello, everybody. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> a storm with hurricane-like force slams maryland to be knocking out power to hundreds of thousands. repair crews from around the nation are now in maryland working to get everyone back online. that sound heard across the state as the clean up continues. you can see this van crushed by a large tree in northwest baltimore. friday night's storms hit hard and fast. wjz is live with extensive first warning weather coverage. we're going to begin in baltimore city where thousands remain in the dark tonight four days after the storm. >> reporter: seven people in maryland are now reported dead in the aftermath of the storm, including four heat-relate
3 ááaa lib baltimore idooáá friday the 13th muh hahahahahaha.... 33 3((singing)) ((singing)) 3 3 3 3 3 3 police are still gathering evidence this morning after n officer shoots and kills a suspect in baltimore county. it happeeed just before miinight onnhighmeadow road in . reisterstown.joel d. ssithh joins us live on the scene where he's just spoken too neighbors.good morning joel d. d. & (()) 3&p an arrest has been made in outside a carroll counnyy restaurant early this morning. 36 year ood david garrett was killed and another man was injured in the incident in at &pthe harrest inn restaurant an par in westminster.police identified jacob bircher as the suspect... nd the 24 &pyeaa oll tuuned himself in a dog is being nurred back to health this morning... after beiig tossed in the trash... and left to die. this pitbull terrier was bbought to the balltmore animal rescue and care helter mondayy tte dog they're now calling "thor" is estimated to be about 5 years old, but weighs just 27 pounds.... and has sores all over his bodyy shelter wookers say animal can in an alley behind c
or website at fox baltimore dot com. 3 an outpouring of support today... in the wake of friday's mass shooting during a showing of the movie "the dark knight rises." rises."today... a visitation will be held in aurora for one of the victims... 23-year-old micayla medek.she attended aurora community college and planned to graduate in 2015. there will also be a memorial service in denver... for 51- year-old gordon cowden... the oldest of the victims. cowden had taken his two teens to see batman.both teens survived. some shocking statistics today... about a recent spike in people buying guns. according to the colorado bureau of investigations... 29 hundred people were approved to buy firearms this past weekend in that state.that's á43-percentá higher than the weekend before.officials didn't supply an explanation... but similar spikes were seen in other states following the virginia tech shooting... and the attemted assassination of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. while the colorado shooting has some calling for tighter gun control laws... here in maryland it'll soon be áeasi
coming up tonight at 6:00. >>> a baltimore county man is accused of having sex with a child. police say the pair met through a smart phone app. vic has more on this disturbing case. >> reporter: 36-year-old steven photos is charged with sexual fiance against a 13-year-old boy. police say potos contacted the teen through a smart phone app called grinder. police say they engaged in unprotected sexual activity. according to the charging document, potos also infected the boy with hiv. potos will face trial in october. >> the suspect is currently free on $75,000 bail. >>> a heat advisory is in effect for parts of maryland right mow. many people caught a breeze on the water downtown. probably the only way they could do it is temperatures shot up throughout the day. the humid conditions make it feel even worse than it actually is. anyone spending time outside is covering up, which is a good idea. this woman used an umbrella to block the sun. and emergency cooling centers are open in baltimore city, as well as several surrounding counties. we're also watching for the chance of storms in our reg
spotted in baltimore city. we are told these men have failed to register on a weekly basis. anyone with informational about them, call the police. >> new details tonight regarding the investigation into violet ripken's induction. the aberdeen police department has released a photograph of the suspect. david collins has the latest on the search for that man. >> this is a picture of the suspect. please ask, do you know this man? if so, give us a call. aberdeen police believe this is the man who abducted violet ripken at gunpoint outside her home on tuesday. all white male, 180 pounds with short brown hair and glasses. correct it enough that individual, we asked them to call. >> a team of agencies is working on the case. the ever been police department is in charge. authorities have not developed a motive. police say her hands and feet were bound with duct tape and the suspect drove for a round in her car for some 24 hours and then abandoned her and the vehicle in her neighborhood. >> i saw a white sweater being weighed outside a car window. i asked the lady inside and she needed help
>> the streets of downtown baltimore are being converted into a race track. >> is the race itself part of your preparations for labor day weekend. >> police are searching for it suspect accused of robbing a woman. wait and see until her account of the confrontation. >> there is a chance for storms in the next few days. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> a chance of showers? jazz hands. ava said, when in doubt, jazz hands. >> we will get some hit and miss showers. let's look at the current conditions. it is dry in baltimore and around the city. the dew point is 70. we have a 30% chance for a shower or thunderstorm. not everybody will see the rain. 87 for a high temperature. i would take an umbrella just in case. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> good morning.
news sunday morning starts now. >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and wjz.com. baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's new station. >> in the dark, thousands of homes without power still as people brace for another day of high heat. the latest. >> welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the power to cut back on after this weekend's deadly storm sends trees crashing to the ground and cutting power lines. now there is widespread damage. one of those trees on this homecoming is 71-year-old woman inside. in southern anne arundel county, a man died when a tree crashed through his car he was driving at the time. the roof blew right off this apartment building. a total of 800 people have been displaced. roofers are working to make sure they can return home but it will take weeks before those repairs are complete. the wjz has complete coverage of this monstrous storm and the statewide cleanup. meteorologist to williams at the first warning weather center monitoring
. there's the good news. it has weakened somewhat. around the baltimore region, in the next hour, that system moving across the city. may give us more showers and activity. brief, gusty winds. heavy downpours. for the entire state, as you can see, until 8:00, except for garrett county. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for 8:00 tonight. still a chance we may see more activity. most of it now, north of the city, across the frederick area. looks like after this goes through, things will begin to quiet down. in fact, bernadette has a look at the temperatures around the region. bernadette? >> reporter: that's right. we do have heat that these thunderstorms are fueling off. i want to show you temperatures around the state right now. not only are they up. but dew points are up this afternoon. that adds a lot of extra moisture this afternoon. in the area, not only the juice that gets stronger but also a lot more moisture for downpours and possibly localized flooding. however, after this front clears, we get a nice break in the action tomorrow. lower humidity. beautiful after
. >> wires down across the northwestern sections of baltimore county. we will get into that and whoa just had tremendous storms last night. >> exactly. tremendous storms last night dumped a quarter of an ininch at bwi but we need more. we-- inch at bwi but we need more. we are looking at heat advisory. let's start out with the areas shaded in the orange color. and we can see what's going on because northern baltimore is under the heat advisory until about 7. it kicks in at lunp time for today. -- lunchtime for today. areas in pink. so if you are going up north, and east, well, you are look at an excessive heat warning across new castle going until 6 this evening. so again very muggy conditions for today. very hot conditions once again. and speak of the temperatures, well, we are at 73 degrees in centerville and darlington coming in at 71. denton at 74 degrees. and with all that moisture, well, we have a little bit of reduced visibility out there. only about 9 miles in baltimore. 8 in wilmington and this is your hour by hour forecast. showers and thunderstorms are possible going no the aftern
. a baltimore couple has been without power for 13 days. gloria and edward moaney have been living out of their puitcases since june 29th. tonight, they pray mother nature will have mercy... and spare them should more nasty weather roll through the area. two friday's ago... a falling tree knocked out power to thier house. gloria was in the hospital at he time. since then she's been pecovering at a local hotel. aad, it has not been easy. the couple lost hundreds of dollars in food alone. 29:37 it's taken a toll. it really is. i mean losing all your food and having to stay in a hotel. this makes it the 13th day. it's really hectic :54 a b-g-e spokesman says crews cannt do anything until.. an inspector from baltimore city signs off on the contractors work. that work was done a week ago. but, it wasn't until today an inspector showed up. after we started to make some calls. fault.... the moaney's are still without power. it's hoped áthatá will change by the end of this week. joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:30. more than 300 kids... at... the ripken... eeperience... baseball camp... con
mayá have occurredd.. in... other jurisdictions.../// 20:48:18 the baltimore field office of the fbi will talk with the washington field office and the philadelphia field office and saying have you had anything like this over the past year or does any of your informants know of anything like this in the past 8 year20:58 police... say... they're... closing in... on this suspect...// ripken... was found ...wednesday morning.../ . just ... two doors ...down... from her house... / bound..../ she... was... driven around... in her car... at times blindfolded.../ and... bound... for 24 hours...//. a... neighbor... tells... fox 45... around 6 ...in the morning .../ she... heard... a horn beeping .../ but... thought... it was... a car alarm..../ it ... was... after... she drove... ápassedá ripken.../ she... thought... something was wrong. 11:26:22 she looked pretty terrified. which scared me. butt bite/cover cut11:26:44 and i was driving by and saw her beeping at six of 7 when i . called. perry... called... authorities... when...she knew something was
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